Why Use Private Search Engines?

Private search engines are a search engine that does not record the queries or track the steps of the users on the internet. They offer many features that keep the users’ searches safe and protected. Private search engines use a private or incognito mode on the regular web browser.  They are not very amazing to look at but provides with the security and protection that one is looking for no matter what.

What is private web browsing?

Generally, every website that a user visits is recorder in the users’ history box.  The web browsers remember the URLs and sites that are frequently visited and the files that have been downloaded and data cookies that track the activity on certain websites. If one is using a private computer, private search engines are good options and can be very convenient.

What are the uses of private browsing?

Keeping personal web history and browsing away from the prying eyes is the first use of private browsing and private search engines. However, there are many other reasons why one should consider using private search engines. Some of the other uses of private search engines are as follows-


For example, a user has forgotten to log out of their social media account when using a public computer, private search engines automatically log out the users’ account as soon as the user ends the browsing session.  This can keep private data safe and secure.

Privet server

Block sites that collect personal information

Private search engine block the websites that use the personal information of the user.

Log in to linked accounts

If one has several accounts on the same website, one can access all the accounts at the same time through the private search engines. One can work simultaneously using various accounts.

No target ads

Regular search engine sells the personal information of the users to third-party companies for advertising uses. These companies track the user and send targeted ads in return.  These advertisements can be annoying and spooky.  Private search engines do not let websites advertise their content to the users.

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