Textra pro messaging app features

There are a lot of messaging app available in store. But Textra pro messaging app is different from other messaging apps. It gives a lot of features to their users. Textra messaging app is a free SMS and MMS app and this is designed as an amazing customization messaging app. Customization is one of the most important aspects of Android. This is the best alternative to your default messaging app. There are millions of users are enjoying the features of this app.

Key features of the Textra pro SMS app

Textra messaging app gives you a powerful customization. It gives you 100+ material theme, bubble, bubble styles, dark and light icon colors and gives an option to scheduled SMS and MMS. Also, it provides you to select various text sizes, quickly reply popup, quick voice messages, auto video, and picture compression, wonderful group messaging, multi-select picture gallery and lots more.

Short form explanation about this app is simple, beautiful and fast. In the customization option, you will find a lot of choices of background color, bubble color, icon color, and color of the top bar.

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Another important customization is the message bubble style and emoji style. Here, you can able to choose from six bubble options that are different from each other. There are different types of emoji styles such as Android style emoji, iOS, twitter, and emoji one. Here, you can able to choose the style of emoji. Textra pro cracked apk often updates the emoji’s so you no need to wait for system updates.

Notifications also have a lot of options to customize. You can send a quick reply by tapping on the notification. It allows you to send a quick reply without opening the messaging app. It automatically closed after sending the message. Sending messages also have an option to customize. It gives you an option of sending messages as you want.