• Tons of seeders but very few comments- Uploaders in torrent websites are often modifying the number of seeders in their uploaded file by using malicious software that falsifies and edit the number of seeder and peer of the uploaded file and you might feel suspicious why on earth there was not a single person commenting on the torrent? Take a step back and browse for other torrent files. A true torrent file uploaded has a convincing number of seeders and peers and have positive comments from users in the comment box just like recommendations and reviews.
  • Check for verification- Not all torrent sites have the capability to verify its users; they only determine if that user has uploaded a malicious file once he or she already victimized a fellow user so it is best advised to keep an antivirus or antimalware software installed in your computer and you should always select a torrent file or user that has a verified profile.

  • Read some reviews- For best vpns for torrenting check out some websites that specialize in torrenting reviews that lists down people’s reviews and comments and also the list of trustworthy torrent sites.
  • Determine the information of the file- Using a third party, determine when are the release date and other necessary information of a file especially movie files. If the movie file is large and has a high-resolution format and the release date of the movie is weeks ahead, you should not be tempted to click the download button because it is a fake. High definition movies are often released and uploaded in the torrent site weeks or months after it was shown in the cinemas and had its DVD or Blu-ray versions.
  • Trusted formats of a movie file- WMA or WMV files are the most commonly infected files that are uploaded by users with bad intention. The most trusted formats of movie files are AVI and MKV formats.
  • Avoid zipped files- Files that are zipped or executable are the number one format of malicious software that contains the virus and other harmful elements that could ruin your computer’s system. A true movie file is formatted as an AVI and MKV files, nothing else so do download a torrent that contains a suspicious zipped RAR file or executable file.
  • Take time to read the users comments- You can determine if the torrent file is corrupted, fake or malicious when users drop down comments on the uploader’s page. You will read comments stating complaints if the users downloaded fake torrent files while the positive comments which contain review are often people who are satisfied with the torrent file which was genuine and safe.