Things to Consider When Buying Your First Home Coffee Maker

Undeniably, coffee provides that early-morning boost. It also offers antioxidants and brain-boosting chemicals, which are good for you. Of course, you know this. As a coffee lover, buying a coffee maker is convenient and practical instead of rushing to coffee shops everytime you need it. Finding the right coffee maker is not that easy and it can be overwhelming because of the many options available in the market these days. To help you figure out, here are the things to consider when buying your first coffee maker for home

Understand your options
best coffee makers 2018You should know that there are four types of coffee makers. Choosing the right coffee maker can make a huge impact on your overall experience. The types of coffee makers include:

• Drip coffee maker or coffee brewer: this is the most common type of coffee maker.

This coffee maker comes in different shapes and sizes. For this coffee maker, you only need to load a coffee filter with ground coffee, put it in the designated spot, add water then start it.
• Single serve coffee maker or one cup coffee maker: this is the newest type of coffee maker. You use pods to make the coffee. You can buy pods in different flavors.
• French press: this is the traditional and the cheapest way of making coffee. French press is low technology but it is easy to use. You just need to pour in the number of coffee grounds you want, add boiling water, and press the lid of the device until the grounds hit the bottom.
• Espresso makers: if you are a coffee lover, espresso is probably your favorite. Espresso makers are more expensive and it usually produces smaller quantities.

Number of people in the household
The next thing that you should do is to determine the number of people in the household that drink coffee. Aside from that, you should also note how much they would drink on average. If you are the only one in your house that drinks coffee, you should consider a single-serve coffee maker. If your household needs to produce 4-10 cups, it will be convenient to choose coffee brewer.

best coffee makers 2018The cost of the coffee maker
The buying decision will mostly lean on the cost of the coffee maker. As soon as you know the needs of your household, you can start looking for a unit. When you are looking for a unit, make sure that it is within your budget. Whatever you decide, consider the upfront and long-term costs of the coffee maker.

Check the extra features
It can help if there are extra features. Of course, the cost will be added if you consider extra features like programmable settings, built-in grinder, multiple warmers, automatic shutoff, water filter, and frother. Aside from the extra features, the brand will also dictate the cost of the coffee maker.

The space of your counter
Finally, you should check the counter space. Your kitchen has a limit on how many appliances you can fit on the counter. There are coffee makers that take up more space than others. It is important that you figure out the space you need. If you think to put away the coffee maker in a cabinet after use, you will find yourself using it less and less.