My personal experience with fake urine kit for a urine drug test

The urine drug test contains a major adulteration test which includes checking the pH, temperature, color and odor, creatinine levels, urea, nitrate, uric acid, glutaraldehyde levels of your sample, and also specific gravity. So the kit you are using must pass this criterion. There is an option to use synthetic urine belts in case you are checked before going for the test. If there is a supervisor monitoring you whiles the test, it is advisable to use a detox syrup and then give real pee sample. Here I will show you how I passed my drug test with synthetic urine.

fake urine kit for a urine drug test

So I had to go through a urinalysis for a job and I opted to use synthetic urine of subsolution as per recommendations on several websites. I ordered the product online and received within 2 days and then went through the instructions carefully. Before I reached the center where the test was about to happen, I mixed the urine powder with warm water in the bottle provided. As per the instructions on the kit, you can pre-mix the contents with water up to 8 hours before the test.

After that, I hid the bottle in my clothes and left for the test. I carried the temperature strip and heat activating powder with me in the center. At the drug center, I was given a cup of the sample and they told me not to flush the toilet after use. There was no sink in the bathroom so I had no access to water. Thankfully I mixed the contents with water beforehand. Inside the washroom, i shook the sample I made earlier and checked the temperature. As it was less, I added heating powder till it reached the accurate temperature. Then I poured the sample into the cup provided.

Then I peed in the toilet and again hid the bottle and handed over the cup to the supervisor. It is not advisable to dump extra fake urine in the toilet as it may turn the water blue and you might get caught. I passed the drug test and got the job. So this was how I passed my drug test with synthetic urine.

Tips —

  • Premix the contents with water before reaching the test center as you may not have access to water over there.
  • Read the instructions on the packet carefully.
  • Make sure you make no noise while opening or emptying the contents from the bottle.