Trigger finger – causes and symptoms

In case, if the finger gets stuck in the bent position, this condition will be stated as trigger finger. Many people commonly called it as trigger thumb. People who are highly engaging them in gripping action will get exposed to kind of issues more easily. The causes and the common symptoms of this condition are mentioned in this article.

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The people who tend to have the problem of diabetes will get exposed to this kind of condition more easily than they sound to be. The condition of rheumatoid arthritis can also be a cause for trigger finger. The other interesting thing which is to be known about this condition is in many causes, people were unable to point out the causes for trigger finger.


Initially the people who have this problem will have some kind of discomfort in the thumb. In many cases, pain can also be realized. The victim may have difficulty in moving the finger. They will have a catchy feel. And in some cases, popping can also be pointed out. The people who tend to exhibit these signs should consult the medical experts immediately in order to fix this condition before it get worsen. It is to be noted that the treatment procedure and the duration may get varied from one person to another. It greatly depends upon the severity of the condition. The experts who are specialized in trigger finger pain relief singapore can be approached at right time in order to avoid major issues in future.