Swimming during the rules

Swimming in full period of rules is, contrary to popular belief, perfectly possible! Just take a few simple precautions and you’re ready to go in the water. Swimming is sometimes beneficial because it helps relieve menstrual cramps and lower back pain. swimsafer Singapore one of the leading centre in Singapore

Forget the preconceived ideas

If for a long time, many women have forbidden to practice certain activities during the period of the rules, it is high time to forget the conventional wisdom. The practice of a sport during the menstrual cycle is sometimes reconsidered but unfounded. Swimming during the rules is perfectly possible for several decades and there is no contraindication to the practice of this sport. Be aware, however, that if you practice swimming (or any other sport) very intensively, you may be suffering from amenorrhea, that is to say from the absence of menstruation. But rest assured, to get to this stage, you have to swim several miles a day and undergo extreme training by swimsafer singapore.

swimsafer singaporeThe benefits for the body

Contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly possible to swim during the period of the rules. Swimming is even beneficial for relieving menstrual cramps. Indeed, swimming has a massaging and relaxing effect on all parts of your body and helps to relieve pain. In the case of lumbar pain, favor the backstroke which relaxes the back muscles. But beware; there is no question of forcing you! If you do not feel like swimming or if you feel weak, you can swim quietly without forcing or opt for an aquagym session. If you suffer from low back pain during the period of the period, forget the butterfly that particularly digs the area of ​​the kidneys and can be painful.