Some Effective Hacks of GTA 5

Done with the PC GTA download? Let’s help you with some great hacks to win over the game.

Random events in GTA V for small missions that you can do at some places in Los Santos and Blaine County. The game has 57 tasks. But to get 100% of the progress in statistics, all you have to do is complete 14 of them. In this material, we will share the secret of accidental adventures in GTA 5.

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General description  

Despite the name, all random events in GTA 5 occur at a specific place on the map. They are marked with special icons and are the most varied: from races and shootings to capturing a maniac and saving the bride after an unsuccessful stepdaughter. Incidentally only the time of the appearance of such missions. Some occur only at night, others, for example, are activated during rain. In addition, some of them can only be given to a specific character: Michael, Trevor or Franklin.

The radar flashes next to it and a dot appears on the map. Blue means neutral action, red – enemy people. If the dot blinks vaguely, it means you can help or prevent the person. And you decide how to deal with this situation. What events can be omitted   Most mini-missions are repeated regularly in the game, while others only happen once.

For example, you will often witness a robbery near an ATM or car. But most of the events are unique and happen once in the game. If a rare task happened and you lost it, then in time you will have a new chance. To do this periodically, return to the place of action.

It is difficult to conduct a random event in GTA 5 Simon Etarian. This task occurs after completing the “Add to a friend” task. But it is only active to complete the “Jewelery robbery” task. In addition, some events will bring maximum profits only against certain activities. For example, the first Leicester murder should be completed with: “Robbery in the Blaine district.” “City Velosov”. “Funeral”. “Break-up agreement”. “Disassembly with dealers”. The reward for completing such mini-missions will be money or improving the skills of the character. Also, almost always with Grand Theft Auto V, you can replenish your ammunition by collecting equipment from the bodies of dead enemies.

If the radar Can’t Detect the Tasks

  All random missions appear at some stage of the story. Most of them become active after completing a difficult task or performing tasks and other strangers in GTA 5 Starlet in Vaiwund or Lasek. If you are sure that some accidental event should already take place, but this is not the case, follow these steps:·Repeat the mission of quirkiness;·Retry the story task;·Take part in the triathlon;·Visit a strip club;·Make a race in every race;·Go on a date.Periodically return to the event and remember, you must do it. Just don’t forget to check if there are any other random tasks, otherwise, it won’t help anyway. If the above actions don’t improve the situation, end the game and return to it later. Usually, restarting helps to activate tasks. Hope you’ll have an overview of GTA 5 random events including Franklin, Trevor or Michael from this post!