Wan to earn bitcoins – Consider online lottery

When you hear the word “Lottery”, a pot full of money and gold will come in front of your eyes, and yes it is true. Lottery is a type of gambling that allows you to win or gamble more money that one can ever think. It is same on the case of bitcoin lotteries and here instead of currency you will get bit coins which are a type of crypto currency whose value is greater than that of any national currency.

If you are thinking to join a bitcoin lottery, then you will come across a number of options on the internet. So it is totally up to you to choose lottery website wyniki lotto where you will get your BTC prizes. You do not need to worry about its legitimacy as these lotteries are run by regulated gambling sites on the web.


This lottery is opened for all the time and the weekly lottery starts at every Monday and within the following Sunday, you will need to get the ticket so that you will be able to join the lottery. You can get tickets in many ways and the website chooses some random players and those are considered as winners. You can increase the chances of winning it by getting one or more tickets.

If your lottery ticket number matches with winning sequence, then you are considered as one of the winners and they will transfer your winning amount into your digital wallet which is used to store them.