Use Bitcoin in online casinos!

Due to the growing popularity of Bitcoin, many online casinos have decided to include this cryptographic currency among their payment methods. If the idea of ​​choosing Bitcoin to carry out your transactions seduces you and you are looking for an online casino that accepts this method of payment, it is surely your lucky day. Indeed, we have endeavored to list them below. Take the trouble to consult it!

Why play in Bitcoin casinos?

  • Bitcoin casinos allow players to fully control their bankroll;
  • Deposits made in Bitcoin casinos are at the speed of light;
  • The processing time for withdrawals is extremely limited, almost non-existent;
  • Bitcoin casinos have a busy toy library: roulette, blackjack, craps, and baccarat are waiting for you;

Some exclusive welcome bonuses are allocated to players who use Bitcoin as a means of payment

Recall that it is the famous bonus bitcoin  that has been at the origin of the tightening of Indian  laws regarding gambling online. On April 15, 2011, the US Department of Justice closed three major online poker sites, charging 11 fraud and money laundering executives, resulting in the freezing of the accounts of thousands of US players. To comply with the law, many sites now forbid their access to players based on American soil, and some of the most addicted players have gone into exile to continue playing online.

bonus bitcoin

But all other sites developed in the United States for US players seek a solution to continue to exist legally. And this, without struggling with complex US laws, which prohibit companies, including banks, to knowingly accept money transfers for gambling on the Internet. So an idea has made its way: we must do without banks! Will the new Bitcoin virtual currency help to circumvent the American legislation on online gambling? In any case, that seems to believe some developers of casino sites. Easier said than done? False! Since 2009, there is Bitcoin, a virtual payment method and a secure peer-to-peer exchange protocol, which is not issued by any central authority. classic transfers.