Three Reasons Why Playing Lottery With Bitcoin Is Much Better

A lottery is a type of gambling where you place bets with a specific amount. Each specific amount entitles you to a lottery ticket that composes of three or more numbers (depending on the type of lottery that you’re betting on). If you want to place more bets then buy more tickets. The rules are simple and pretty straightforward. Just have a winning number combination and you win the game and you take the money that is entitled to you. If you have other people betting and winning the same number you split the winnings evenly.

Based on the definition below, its as if a lottery is boring. It may seem that way, but if you just see the potential winnings that you will win, man oh man! You’re going to think twice about calling it boring. You see unlike any gambling games, the lottery has the biggest prize of all. You bet on a really small amount and you get to win thousands to millions. The problem? it’s hard to win or never and it doesn’t accept bitcoin.

It doesn’t accept bitcoin:

Lotteries don’t accept bitcoin and that is just a bummer. But you should know that there are already many ways to enter a lottery. There are actually online places where you can buy a lottery ticket using bitcoin and bet online. Although the prices don’t reach millions, the fact is, winning is still winning.

It doesn’t let you win:

The fact with these lottery games is that it doesn’t let you win. Ask yourself how many years you’ve been betting on the lottery and how many times has it been since your win? Nothing right? Because it’s only in very rare occasions that you will win the game and you need to be extremely lucky. Besides if you won the lottery, you most probably won’t be spending your time and spending your hard earned money for a lottery ticket. But guess what? In bitcoin driven lotteries, you get to have more chances of winning and that is something to look forward to.

It’s way easier than going into lottery places:

The thing about lottery is that, the big pay bets aren’t digital. You have to go to a place that has a lottery ticket in order to buy yourself a ticket. This is the hassle of buying a lottery and for the most part you don’t win. But with bitcoin driven lotteries, you don’t have to. Everything can be done online easier and safer. So the next time you plan to buy some lottery tickets in the convenience store, think about it, is it really worth your time and effort?

Bitcoin is a different type of currency, it’s not tangible, it only exists online for trade and yet it’s becoming popular every single day. Products to services, you name it, today there are places and platforms where you can pay with bitcoin. If you’re looking for entertainment like gambling, like lottery, for example, there are places where you can do that and some people say that it’s even way better than the usual lottery. If you’re curious to try it, check out lottoland.