Top 3 Movies That Will Melt Even The Most Stony Hearts

There are very few things in this world that could elicit raw emotions and on the top of that list come movies and books. However, today you are not going to worry about the written word but rather hear about the visual medium – movies. Everyone has their preferred go-to movies but some movies are so epic that even the most cynical person would have to join in for the ride.

This article lists the top 3 movies that everyone should watch at least one time:

  • Me Before You – This movie stars the amazing Emilia ‘Khaleesi’ Clark as the bubbly girl Lou, happy in her small town life and the versatile Sam Claflin as the son, Will, who is confined to his wheelchair after a terrible accident causes his lower half of the body to get paralysed. Lou gets hired to take care of Will and the story of two very unlikely people whose fates are intertwined follows. By the end, the movie will be tugging at your heartstrings with its purity and will definitely make you believe in love again. You can watch movies online for free, including this one – all you have to do is search in the right place.


  • August Rush – This is one of those movies which conveys its grandeur through its simplicity. The bottom line of this movie is – Music is everywhere. You will follow August as he discovers music in the most mundane sounds and strings those into an unforgettable melody. Even with terrible lows, you will admire August’s resilience in bringing his father and mother towards him with the invisible string that ties them together – the gift of music. August Rush is definitely one of those feel good movies – it could be your refuge in those particularly dark days when you feel nothing is going good for you.
  • Lord of the Rings – This may be a collection of three amazing movies in one but it had to be mentioned. The wonderful fantasy elements kept aside, this movie speaks to the side of you, which is hidden under layers of practicality, the side which believes in friendship and the fact that “good always wins”. With an ensemble cast, this movie tops off in the list of movies that will make you start believing in humanity again.

You can watch movies online for free and the list includes the movies named above. All you need is to find out a reliable website and you are ready.