Do you know how to choose the best seat in the cinema?

You arrive at the cinema box office and the box office asks you: where do you want to sit? Then the question arises: is the center the best place? Does it look better in the background? Maybe close to the screen? Beyond that everyone has their preferences, to fully enjoy the movie there is an armchair that is ideal. Do you want to know which one?

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Planning: the paper project

  • The projection is not only what is done on a screen, but projecting also means planning or pushing something forward or towards the future. A project is the idea of a thing you plan to do, it requires planning so that you can have a healthy and lasting life.
  • Exhibition space is a cultural project that requires time and dedication but above all the desire to do so.
  • The first step is to think about what project you want to develop, what your objective will be, your audience, your place, who will carry it out, when and most importantly why we want to do it. This is the time to make decisions to know with certainty what will be the actions to be carried out. Basically, the following questions will have to be answered in writing:
  • The objectives of the exhibition space and its programming should be the main drivers of its activities. The projected material and the purpose with which it is projected to give the project its identity values. If we talk about identity and objectives, it is different to project films that focus on issues for community development than to take a university project where international avant-garde films are screened. These characteristics must be reflected in the previous questions and they will become the essential information about the exhibition project.
  • The equipment to create an exhibition space is divided into two: the technological, which are the projection materials such as a projector, a screen, audio system, etc. The operation, which is a group of people who will share the tasks of the cinema and make it work.


An operative team primewire movies is a group of people who are interested in taking movies to an audience; can be composed of many members in rotation, can be a fixed team or be just one person, however, it is always advisable to create a team with several people and make it grow. The operative team is the exhibition project. They must be committed, passionate, disciplined and critical, they must be in love with what they do and know that if any of the members of this team fail, the projection may not be carried out. Although it can be done in many ways and there are different ways to organize, the basic operating team is: