Early it is!

How many of us have started companied even before passing out of school? Not many come in the range of what vignesh sundaresan Singapore has achieved in this young age. He is based in Singapore and is a brilliant innovator and investor carrying many hats on his young head but he is full of ideas as an entrepreneur. Being an alumnus of the Y- combinatory has given him the head start to a long career and a successful one at that. This is quite early by any standards and quite a variety in what he has done.

vignesh sundaresan Singapore

Innovator investor:

You are either an innovator or an investor but he has both in the right proportion where he designed the bitcoin along with the BTM just as we have it for the regular currency. He installed them in over 18 countries and has also started his own company even as a student. His research and development in the area of block chain technology has yielded him great fans and followers online.

A new company:

The entrepreneur started the company called as the which faced certain difficult and unpleasant times when his investors were unable to get back their investment in time but it was cleared out later after all. This can happen to any new startup company with a youngster at the head of the table. However vignesh sundaresan Singapore is going from strength to strength!