What You Should Know When Buying A Semi-permanent Nail Gel

Beauty is a subjective idea on what a pleasing and a pleasant appearance looks like. Each country, race, and religion has one. Not to mention it changes over time as well. One thing is certain though, there are certain things that people do to be beautiful and in some countries, part of that is by applying something in their nails. That is where nail colors come into the picture. These things come in various colors and materials to protect the nails and give it character.


Nail polish comes default in applying nail colors, but mind you that applying it constantly can actually damage the nails since it has been found that nail polish can actually damage the nails over time. This is where a semi-permanent nail gel comes into the picture. It’s a combination of acrylic and gel that not just protects those pretty nice nail colors that you applied, but also will make it shinier. Aside from that, it also lasts longer than the usual nail polish. But in buying one what are the things that you need to look for?

Buy ones that are proven to last:

It’s expected that a semi-permanent nail gel will last you 14 days. Beyond that is better but might have more harmful materials and lesser than that is a bad investment. It should at least last you that long because the last thing you want is spending some part of your day doing it. But of course, you also need to consider that any chemicals and mechanical friction can cause damage or wear it off faster (so be mindful of that).

No known cracking issues:

One of the known issues with gel uñas semipermanente is cracking. While there are some that have very minimal (acceptable cracking), some have some really big cracking. Try to find ones that don’t have any issues and if there’s one, its only very minimal that you won’t be bothered by it. Of course, provided that it’s not exposed to chemicals that can damage it and cause it to crack.

Buy from actual seller’s and not resellers:

There’s a good reason why you should buy from actual seller’s and not resellers. Not just because you can get the products for a cheaper price, but because you can guarantee that you can get the best product possible, and they know about their products at the back of their mind.

There are things to consider when you’re looking for a good semi-permanent nail gel, like the quality, no minimal cracking issues and buying it from the actual seller’s than resellers. With that, you can be sure that you will get the best semi-permanent nail gel out there.