Types of acne scars and their treatment at Aesteem 

Many people are facing acne problems in their life and when acne is gone they left behind scars. Scars are more irritated than acne as they will never go. You will find that there so many types of acne scars and for their proper treatment you can call Aesteem aesthetic clinic in Singapore. They also provide eye bag removal Singapore services to their customers.

Types of different acne scars

First is Boxcar scars on the skin

These are round in shape depressions with steep vertical sides on the skin. These are wider and provide the skin an uneven look.

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The second is Ice pick scars

These acne scars are less wide than boxcar scars but, they are more deep, narrow acne scars that are extended into the dermis. They look small as well as thin on your skin. It looks like it is pierced by an ice perk on your face. They can be large and more open pores.

The third is rolling scars on the face

These acne scars cause a wave-like structure and, they will look similar to the boxcar scars. But they differ as these rolling scars are not sharply defined. And they are also uneven on your face and look craggier. They also develop some fibrous types of bands between your face skin, and tissue. These acne scars pull the epidermis and then bind it to deeper structures on your face.